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Ragusa «Incorrigible»


Ragusa was invented over 75 years ago and has stayed true to itself ever since. The same basic recipe, traditional premium quality and edginess. If you can claim such a strong brand essence your own, it's an asset you don't want to give away. Therefore, the briefing called for a repositioning of the brand across all products, highlighting Ragusa's unique brand identity. Further, the brand needed to be rejuvenated, without leaving out Ragusa's traditionally older target audience.


We took the authentic character of Ragusa and put it right at the core of our campaign. Under the claim «incorrigible» we show that Ragusa is just like all of us: not perfect, but full of character.

However, not only is Ragusa incorrigible but also the people who enjoy it. That's the main idea spanning across the entire campaign – from humorous headlines in an entirely redesigned layout over various social media activities to the four films. All measures put everyday people and their incorrigible character traits front and center. The campaign shows their idiosyncrasies with a very unique tonality, with small stories taken from real life with which we all can identify.


Camille Bloch