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SBVV «Say it with a Book»

The SBVV commissioned us to create an image campaign to get people talking about books again and revive the tradition of going to book shops.
Our inspiring “Say it with a Book” campaign plays with the fact that it is not just the inside that counts when it comes to books – their titles and covers also convey important messages.

A clever and accessible campaign has been created, in which selected book titles will be used to expose awkward truths, make funny comments on events, news pieces and festivities or pass pithy comments on current affairs. The public will in turn be encouraged to use books as a subtle means of communication. They should select a book title that expresses what they do not dare to say directly and offer the book as a meaningful gift or in the form of a free postcard that features the book cover.


SBVV (Schweizer Buchhändler- und Verleger-Verband)