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Serviceplan Suisse’s introductory campaign for WINGO wins silver for its social media concept at the Annual Multimedia Awards, one of the most significant digital competitions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In autumn 2016, the Mibelle Group launched their new household brand WINGO, first in France and subsequently in Germany. To be able to survive in this competitive market, and stand out from the multiple large and financially more powerful competitors, Serviceplan Suisse capitalised on online-based story-telling in dialogue format delivered by one – shall we say – ‘honourable’ family. As we all know, no one is more interested in leaving no trace than the mafia.

Under the motto ‘No traces, no problems’, Don Lavaggio and his family get rid of all trace of their dirty deeds, party mess, and nightly escapades with the help of laundry detergents, cleaning agents and washing-up liquids from WINGO. And, because this only-slightly-dubious family is always on the lookout for new members, users had the opportunity to become a family member themselves – provided they passed a challenging initiation test.

To become a Lavaggio, users had to defeat at least one member of the family in an online window cleaning competition. Successful new family members were automatically entered into a prize draw to win a holiday at the family’s residence in Sicily. They could also immortalise themselves in the family’s ancestral gallery and share their portrait with the campaign’s social media community. This community also included the family members themselves, who kept the site active with surprising and engaging posts and comments. The two social media activation campaigns ‘Wanted: the worst housekeeping crime in France’, and its successor, ‘The worst housekeeping crime’ achieved an unusually high level of engagement among their target group.

The result: 347,000 visits and 5,047 passed initiation tests for a completely unknown brand in a low-interest area – and numerous national and international accolades, including the recent silver Annual Multimedia Award.