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It’s rare for a Swiss brand to sponsor a global popstar. Coffe brand Café Royal is supporting Robbie Williams’ 2017 world tour as his main official sponsor, and Serviceplan Suisse is using targeted strategies to push the coffee brand into the spotlight both before and during his live gigs. 

When Williams shows up to rock over 30 stages across Europe and Australia this summer as part of ‘The Heavy Entertainment Show’, he can count on the help of a strong partner. The Swiss coffee brand Café Royal is accompanying the entertainer on his tour and, with an integrated campaign, is ensuring that not only musical, but also communicative high notes are reached. Films, advertisements, posters, digital media, and social media in particular form big part of the campaign, especially in the key markets of France, the Netherlands, Germany, England, Austria and of course  Switzerland. 

Other campagin elements included meet & greet invitations (through media cooperations and competitions in different countries), goody bags for VIP winners, and advertising at and around the concerts and on public transport.

 In two of the films developed by Serviceplan Suisse, the secret agent in the service of good taste invites people to apply for tickets to his show. But first, entrants must complete a secret mission: a search for hidden codes across social networks and Café Royal’s own website and packaging. Fans have the unique opportunity to not only win tickets to stadium shows in Europe and Australia, but also a personal ‘Royal Moment’ with the entertainer himself.

With advertisements, special posters, samplings and stage backdrops at concert locations, Café Royal also amped up their advertising for the new capsule, ‘Agent’s Choice No. 2’, personally curated by the secret agent.