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The new Swiss brand IBION wants to challenge the mobility market. This is why they are creating innovative infrastructure solutions such as exchange stations for electric bicycle batteries. Under cablex’s management, Serviceplan Suisse accompanied the brand on their development journey.

The well-known problems of limited range, long charging times and high acquisition costs have finally come to an end with the introduction of a network of so-called ‘IBION power stations’, which can be found via an app and provide exchange batteries for electric bicycles. In addition to this infrastructure, IBION also offers service, maintenance, and the loan of these power stations.

Together with cablex, Serviceplan Suisse has developed the branding and branding strategy for IBION. ‘IBI’ stands for local flexibility (from the Latin for ‘there’), and ‘ON’, for constant availability. With the claim ‘Your mobility. Our mission’, IBION shows that people can shape their lives with intelligent sharing concepts and practical handover locations. Acting for the growing offer of services that provide people with solutions, the logo – modelled on the ‘IBION stations’ – can be found in all advertising material.

Solutions Suisse has supported IBION as an efficient partner in the implementation of visuals and of economic production solutions for their market launch.