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‘17-Uhr-Akademie’ [5 o’clock Academy] in the House of Communication

The Serviceplan Group and Hoy hosted a ‘5 o’clock Academy’ session last Thursday, the 5th of October, in the House of Communication. The event was based on the topic ‘brand safety and ad fraud’.

During the evening, Michael Weber from Hoy AG, as well as Jochen Witte from Admeira, offered some of their expert knowledge on the sensitive issue of ad fraud and brand safety. What does brand safety mean, and in which settings would you like to be visible with your brand? 

How does ad fraud work, what are the scam tactics, and how can you protect yourself against it? After the speakers’ offered their insights, the topics were then discussed with the guests in a more relaxed atmosphere.

The ‘5 o’clock Academy’ is a series of presentations and discussions from the Serviceplan Group Switzerland, dealing with subjects surrounding innovation, trends, and paradigm shifts in the field of communication.