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Young people often just have one thing in mind... and this is usually not literature. So it’s no wonder that it’s not only the majority of books at the Antiquariats-Messe [Antiquarian Book Fair] in Zurich which are long past their thirties, but also many of the visitors. Thus, in order to enthuse a younger audience for old books, an approach that went beyond traditional banner advertising was necessary.

The solution: Serviceplan Suisse had a selection of unlucky-in-love characters from well-known literature try their luck on Tinder. In accordance with the campaign motto ‘no matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find something different with us’, Werther, Anna Karenina and Effi Briest provided some unexpected literary flirts on the dating platform. The three made use of all their charm to win over the hearts of singletons – and above all, to entice them to the Antiquariats-Messe in Zurich.

The Tinder profiles are riddled with references to the original books – from the attractive photos with models in historic dress to the profile descriptions with double meanings. For example, Werther writes that he lives every day as if it were his last; Anna Karenina says that she always remains true to herself, at least; and Effi Briest enjoys walking with her dog over an open field. Should it come to a like, the promotional intend is revealed after a short chat, and the singleton is charmingly invited to the Antiquariats-Messe.

The online campaign led to some amusing conversations and caused a stir among a target group for whom the Zurich Antiquarian Book Fair had been an unknown institution so far. And all this on an innovative channel, without any media expenses.