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The Only Euro Effie Award for Switzerland goes to Serviceplan and Delica.

When they were founded, the EACA Euro Effie Awards were the first pan-European awards for measuring the effectiveness of advertising distributed in at least two European countries. For 21 years, they have prevailed as a recognised symbol of proven advertising power and, as such, can be seen as a bow of respect towards the intelligent partnership between customer and agency. This year, the award proved to be particularly rigorous. Of the mere 45 cases which were nominated, only one came from Switzerland: the launch of Café Royal from the Migros company, Delica AG, selected in the category ‘Product / Service Launch’. 

A Euro Effie nomination is considered a success in itself, but Café Royal has achieved even more: the campaign, which features Robbie Williams as an agent in the service of good taste, was honoured with a bronze award at the gala event in Brussels. This is not just a success for Delica AG and Serviceplan, but also encouraging for the Swiss economy in general. Café Royal’s launch, executed across multiple western European countries, proves that with advertising pressure and emphasis, brand launches can be highly successful - even from a country as small as Switzerland.