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Serviceplan Suisse is transforming the everyday with the repositioning of Torino, the long-established brand from Camille Bloch SA, and the launch of its new Torino La Piazza Praliné. The first fruits of our labour are now going on-air and online under the motto ‘Il dolce della vita’.

Oh, how terribly dreary day to day life can sometimes seem: waiting for the bus, riding the tram, the gloomy view from your office window, the looming autumn fog, the eight meetings a day. Despair? No chance. For even on the dullest of days, there is a small portion of la dolce vita to be had when you have the right chocolate to hand: Torino from Camille Bloch SA.

With a burst of bright and colourful advertising, Serviceplan Suisse is dramatising this successful brand through aestheticised dream worlds. In film, in print, on websites and through a new appearance on social media, a tram (and its passengers) is transformed into a jungle of surreal ideas – a bus stop in the rain becomes a flower-adorned playground of emotion. On Torino’s Swiss website, every visitor can brighten up their own personal everyday pictures with our ‘sweetening filter’ photo tool. In parallel, we’ve even made the new Torino World accessible in the new visitors’ centre at Camille Bloch SA in Courtelary.